Gastro Tour - Babino, North Macedonia

Tastes of Babino:  Legend of the most beautiful girl and the dragon              

Babino - a real green paradise, a rest for the eyes and the soul, wonderful location and very tasty food. We promise an unforgettable one-day adventure in the untouched nature.

Babino is a mountain village 650 m of sea level, in a municipality of Demir Hisar a few kilometers northwest of Demir Hisar city, in southwestern Macedonia.

According to a local legend, St Paul the Apostle during his visit to Macedonia, passed by one of the hills close to the village. Maybe that’s why this area is unusually blessed with so much clean water. Natural springs flow into Bezernichka River almost all the way to Crna River. In Babino there is a fish pond by the Bezernichka River where you can taste local fish specialties as well as other types of traditional Macedonian food.

This tour includes a visit to the unique Library ALBI founded in 1882. The first books were brought back in 1882 from Baghdad, Teheran, Damascus, Istanbul, Ankara, many of them printed in Persian, Old Turkish-Ottoman and Arabic. The oldest edition found in the library is the Arabic dictionary from 1307.

Starts on: 04.09.2021
1 day
village Babino, Demir Hisar - North Macedonia
Mode of transport: Mini Van/ Car
75 euro per person

*You can find more information on what is included in the price in the details section.

04.09 - Saturday

Start from Skopje
Coffee / Tea Break and breakfast
Arrival in village Babino
Visit of the smallest and most unique library ALBI founded in 1882
Walking along a beautiful path around the village
Tasting delicious food and wine from the region
Arrival in Skopje

The price includes:

  • Transfer to the location and local transfers
  • Local English speaking guide who is also your cultural immersion facilitator
  • Taste of traditional food
  • Regional lunch (vegetarian option available)
  • Degustation of homemade wine and rakia

The price does not include:    

  • Travel insurance for foreigners
  • Personal purchases of local products
  • extra orders of food and drink that are not included in the tasting

Additional information   

  • Private Tour for minimum 2 travelers
  • Dress Standard: Comfortable walking shoes are recommended for this tour.
  • If you have any food restrictions or dietary requirements, please do let us know in advance, preferably at the time of booking.


  • Every traveler should have a valid travel insurance
  • With the reservation, an advance payment of 30% of the total sum should be paid
  • Payments made in MKD currency will be calculated with course 1 EUR = 62 MK

1. Walk in National Park Mavrovo 

Place for your unforgettable mountain adventure. Make a tour around Mavrovo Lake, enjoy the green forest trees, breath fresh air and get an overnight stay in one of the many villas and hotels for real experience.

2. ATV Adventure in Mavrovo 

Its pine forests, canyons, waterfalls, sheep calmly grazing in its hill-top pastures protected by the faithful shepherd dogs “Sharplanincec”, make it a must see for visitors in the Balkan region. The park is home to North Macedonia’s highest peak, Mt Korab (2764m) and is known as biggest country ski resort. Astonishing forest off-roads, and views along the road, can satisfy any adventurer, regardless of their experience and age.

3. Horse Riding on Bistra Mountain 

For those who enjoy outdoor activities and the mountain’s treasures, riding is the most fantastic experience. Riding uphill along the valleys of Bistra Mountain and Mavrovo lake, you will enjoy never-ending open views of countless mountain peaks.

4. Excursion by your choice 

Mavrovo and the surrounding region are filled with historical and traditional landmarks open for visitors. Part of these excursions are: St. Jovan Bigorski monastery, Galichnik village, Vrben monastery, Cave Sharkova Dupka, Churches in Lazaropole village, Waterfalls in village Duf.

5. Sightseeing of Bitola - the city of Consuls 

A place where Ottoman and European culture met, creating the biggest number of consulates brought together in one place on the Balkans. Now, an urban and modern city offering numerous monuments of history, nurturing tradition, and allowing you to discover Macedonia in a very steady rhythm, Bitola is your next stop along the way.

Note: Get in touch with us for more details.

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